NEXT's Team

Dr. Rusty Towell

Director of NEXT Lab,

Professor Department of Engineering and Physics



- PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Physics, 1999

- BS, Abilene Christian University, 1990

Honors & Achievements:

- CAS Professional Service Award , ACU CAS, 2006

- Faculty Renewal Leave, Abilene Christian University, 2006

- Faculty Renewal Leave, Abilene Christian University, 2014

- Wildcat WOW Award, Office of the President & Campus Recruiting, 2010

- PHENIX Team Leader Award, PHENIX Collaboration, 2004

Expertise and Repertoire:

- Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Physics, Energy and Environment, Particle Detector Development

Latest Books and Publications:

- Towell, R., Isenhower, L., & Daugherity, M. (2016) Measurement of parity-violating spin asymmetries in W± production at midrapidity in longitudinally polarized p+p collisions, Phys. Rev. D

- Towell, R., Isenhower, L., & Daugherity, M. (2016) Centrality-Dependent Modification of Jet-Production Rates in Deuteron-Gold Collisions at sNN‾‾‾‾√=200  GeV, Phys. Rev. Lett.

- Isenhower, L., Towell, R., & Daugherity, M. (2015) Measurements of elliptic and triangular flow in high-multiplicity $^{3}$He$+$Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{NN}}}=200$ GeV, Phys. Rev. Lett.

- Head, T., Dowdy, J., Isenhower, L., Isenhower, L., & Towell, R. (2016) Abilene Christian University Astronomy Observation Workbook: Physics 101 Spring 2016, Abilene, Texas , ACU SPS

- Towell, R., Daugherity, M., Isenhower, L., Gainey, K., Hamilton, H., Pinson, R., Qu, H., Towell, C., & Towell, R. (2016) Forward J/ψ production in U + U collisions at sNN‾‾‾‾√=193 GeV, Phys. Rev. C

Latest Scholarly Presentations:

- Towell, R. (2016) Renewing Liquid Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Research and Development , American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics, Vancouver Canada, 2016

- Towell, R. (2014) Recent Measurements with the NIFFTE Fission TPC and the Potential to Advance Thorium Fueled Reactors, Nuclear Science Symposium, Seattle, WA, 2014

- Towell, R. (2015) Why Making Energy From Dirt Might Save The World, TEDxACU, Abilene, TX, 2015

- Towell, R. (2015) Precise Nuclear Data Measurements Possible with the NIFFTE fissionTPC and Applications in Reactor Designs, Annual Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics, Santa Fe, NM, 2015

- Towell, R. (2016) Advancing Molten Salt Reactor Technology to meet the Needs of the World, Christian Scholars' Conference 2016, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN, 2016

Professional Service:

- Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Directors Review Committee, Task Force Member, 2015 - 2015

Community Service:

- West Texas Science Center , Board Member, 2015 - present

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